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The Neville Goddard Works Project

Hello and welcome to the Neville Goddard Works Project! – If you’ve been searching for answers to spiritual, manifesting and law of attraction questions, then you’ve come to the right place. If You’re new to Neville Goddard’s work, then you are in for a treat. On this site you have free access to a vast collection of audio, text lectures,  articles, teachings, how-to’s, quotes and blog posts – updated daily.

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Hi, I’m Marie -T, I’m a life-long student (still Learning) of law of attraction and other life transforming and spiritual teachings. Since my early 20’s when i first started asking some of the age old questions about life… Who am I? Why am I here? What am I meant to be doing with my life? and most importantly, Is this all there is to my life???  I always knew that life didn’t just happen by chance.  Deep down I believed that there must be information out there –  A Rule Book, if you like, to help me create a purposeful, contented, rich and fulfilling life.  Not much to ask for!!   

Is There A Rule Book For Life?

These are the questions that I have asked myself and the world around for most of my adult life. I haven’t received all the answers – yet!! :). But when eventually, I found The Neville Goddard  material (and there’s a lot of it!!) it immediately resonated with me on a very deep level. I think it’s because Neville shows you how to manifest on both a physical and spiritual level. His teachings take care of the whole person – you get a greater understanding of who you are and the immense power at your disposal if you choose to use it…  Whilst I never found an actual Rule Book for Life – Neville’s work comes the closest to giving step by step techniques and guidance on how to create your life on purpose.  And if you’ve ever felt that the bible is more than just a historical account, you will love Neville’s deep dive into the scriptures, and get a whole new take on what the bible is really telling us. 

It's Time To Transform Your Life!

If you commit to following Neville teachings (many of which have been likened to instructional manuals for life), Then you will find answers to transform – both your physical and spiritual reality.  When you really get how simple and straight-forward Neville’s teachings are and use what you’ve learned in your every day life – you will be well on your way to living a rich and fulfilled life. You will find ‘The Rules’ for creating your most preferred life, within each and every one of Neville’s teachings. May you be blessed on your journey! 

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All The Tools You Need To Start Manifesting Today
E-Books, Audio Lecture, Wealth Mantra

Read All About It!

In this section we will dig deep and completely demystify Neville’s core teachings and practices.  

Let's Begin

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Neville Goddard
Inspirational Thought Leader

Neville Goddard is considered one of the most influential thought leaders and speakers of the 20th century. His teachings derive from Metaphysics with references from the Bible which he has often likened to an instructional manual on how to create your preferred life.


Throughout Neville’s teachings he dissects scripture, revealing the underlying lessons about how to use our creative power through use of creative imagination, self-talk, feeling it real and focusing our attention on what we do want in life.

His talks are still very much relevant today and standout among the greatest law of attraction explanations of all time. I can guarantee you, that if you immerse yourself in Neville’s teachings your life will be transformed on both a spiritual and real world level. You will find gems of wisdom in each and every one of his talks.

Some of our most cherished thought leaders acknowledge Neville’s wisdom as the turning point for their personal transformation and thousands of people  across the world credit their success to practicing Neville’s methods and techniques. 

Neville Goddard lectures books
"There is nothing but God in this world....He conceived the play and he, and he alone plays all the parts" Deep! I could listen to Neville all day and still learn new things each time i listen - thanks for this
M. Little
Neville's audios
"I can't get enough of Neville, every time I listen to him I learn something new. Things have started to turn round for me since I started using his teachings and I feel much calmer and hopeful about my life now. Thankyou for introducing me to him x"
P. Watters
Neville's audio/written work
Just wanted to let you know i received my free stuff and i'm very impressed. Neville is the last word in law of attraction - no-one else like him. I'm trying to manifest a new partner so will let you know how it goes!!
Neville Goddard lectures books