Sleep Programming For Wealth & Abundance – 528hz Solfeggio Delta

(8 hours Sleep Music Delta Waves ) 8hr abundance affirmations loop in Nevilles own voice. Underlayed with soft sleep music and delta waves, allowing a deep restful sleep whilst Neville’s words programme your mind for wealth, abundance and a new prosperous consciousness .

 abundance affirmations delta wavesNow is the time to take control of your subconscious programming which for most people has been set to a frequency of lack and not enough!! With this Powerful 8Hrs wealth affirmations audio, you can begin to undo all the past programming of negative ideas and beliefs around money and prosperity.  Delta waves help you to easily drift off into a deep restful and peaceful sleep. 528 Hz Solfeggio tone aligns you with the frequency of love, peace and DNA repair. Let’s begin to re-programme your subconscious mind to quickly and easily attract wealth and prosperity. Align yourself with the frequency of wealth and abundance – Condition your mind to a new reality where having money and wealth is your natural set-point.


(8 hours) continuous loop of the wealth affirmations:

I have a lavish steady dependable income – Consistent with integrity And mutual benefit

Thank-you Father that thou hast heard me – I knew that you always hear me.