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christ bears our sins neville goddard lecture

Christ Bears Our Sins 

Author | Neville Goddard

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 Lecture presented by Neville Goddard on 24th Feb 1969
“If you are suffering – Christ is suffering, for his name is I Am,
and there is no other Christ. God actually became flesh and dwells in you.
Once you realize this you will never turn to another”.

“You can put God to the test, and if He proves himself in the testing then you will know God is your own wonderful human imagination.

If you want the joy of marriage, a love affair, or a romance, you can test God by assuming the one you desire is with you now. And to the degree you persist in that assumption, it will be yours to experience. Do not be concerned as to how or when it will happen; simply persist in the assumption that it has happened, and when it does you will know who God is.”

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